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About Bristol

Reasons to Visit

As recently as ten years ago, you probably wouldn't have considered Bristol as a destination for your stag weekend. Not that it’s ever had a bad reputation, it just probably wouldn’t have even crossed your radar as an option, unless you were a local boy and you didn't want to travel too far. But nothing stays the same, and certainly when it comes to stag do destinations, things change at an exciting pace. Where a Bristol stag do would have been lucky to appear in anyone’s top twenty options ten years ago, nowadays it’s hugely popular – in fact, a Bristol Stag Do is now a regular fixture in our top five most popular UK stag destinations, every single year.

But why is it so popular? Why take yourself to this city that used to be so unremarkable no-one even considered it an essential location? There are many reasons – chief among which is the atmosphere. Yes, it has great activities, yes it has great nightlife, and yes, the scenery is absolutely amazing, but the one single thing that a Bristol Stag Do has head and shoulders over it’s competitors, is the one thing you cannot truly define – atmosphere. It’s just a really nice place to spend time, the locals are friendly (which you might expect from a city that was named “best city in Britain in which to live” in both 2014 and 2017), and you never feel like an outsider on your Bristol Stag Do.

Popular activities

Regardless of how good or bad a destination’s atmosphere is, a stag do can live or die on the activities available – especially in this day and age where a lot of the more classic activities have been done so often that everyone fancies trying something a bit different. Luckily, a Bristol Stag Do doesn’t have this problem - the selection of stag activities available is huge, and there are some truly unique options to try. I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the most popular activity we offer in Bristol, which is the Assault rifles package. This can only be done in three different locations across the entire country (due to the practicalities and legalities of shooting real weapons), which means that your Bristol Stag Do can be enhanced with the opportunity to fire some genuine assault rifles at a variety of targets – both static and moving! A perfect adrenaline-fuelled activity for your lads weekend, and as it obviously lends itself to competition as well, you can even see who is the best shot out of all of you.

Obviously, all of the classic stag activities are an option on your Bristol Stag Do, with rage buggies, paintballing and archery tag all available locally. If you are still looking for something a little more unique and out of left-field, however, we’d recommend widening your search and giving activities such as sausage making, the inflatable games or the free-fall simulator a try – as these will all help you to ensure that your Bristol Stag Do feels very different to any other stag you’ve ever been on. But don’t take my word for it, have a look below at the huge number of activities we have to offer. Rest assured that whatever your tastes may be, Bristol has the activities to match!

Getting Around

One of the things that makes Bristol such a superb destination for any stag do is simply how well located everything is. Bristol is geographically tailored to be a perfect destination, and even activities that are traditionally miles away from a town centre - such as quad biking and go karting - are less than thirty minutes drive away. This ensures that you won't be spending hours cramped in a minibus with a throbbing hangover. You can spend that time refusing to leave your bed instead! Additionally, Bristol benefits from a wide range of well located accommodation, so no matter your budget or preferences, you'll definitely find the ideal place to lay your head at night.

Also, when considering your destination to begin with, you want to ensure that wherever you are going is easy to get to. Bristol is perfectly located, as it’s less than a two hour drive from a huge selection of the country – If you are located in Wales, the midlands, the south east or even west London, a Bristol stag do is a viable option to ensure that you don’t spend more than a couple of hours in the car to get there!


As for the nightlife, there's no need to worry on this front. Bristol's nightlife is so good that you are unlikely to remember the end of the night when you wake up the next morning. Just like any good university city, there are a huge array of pubs and bars of all shapes and sizes available to you throughout your Bristol Stag Do. So whether you want somewhere quiet that serves a lovely craft ale, a busy chain bar that has cheap prizes and a party atmosphere, or a cocktail bar that can serve you anything you can dream of, your Bristol night out will easily be able to provide. And we haven’t even mentioned the rest of the nightlife options yet!

Nightclubs are plentiful and exciting, giving you great value for money, superb music and plenty of dance floor for you to entertain yourselves on for the entire evening. Alternatively, many of our Bristol Stag Dos like to squeeze in a visit to a gentlemen’s club in order to relax and watch the beautiful entertainment, and of course this is easily arranged. If you want yet another option for your evening, then a trip to the casino is always a popular one, letting you take in a bit more excitement before the end of the night.

A Bristol Stag Do is so much fun that you may find that one weekend there just isn't enough! It may only have taken off in the last ten years, but we've already had enough repeat visitors that we now offer great discounts for repeat customers!

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