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About Budapest

Why a Budapest Stag Do?

Eastern Europe has become the region of choice for many stag weekends abroad, surging in popularity over the last few years. Budapest has been a huge part of that, and this beautiful city remains this writer's favourite location in Europe (at least so far!). The spearhead of the Eastern European stag movement, this is a city that can provide everything you'd ever want for a stag weekend, without breaking the bank to do so. It already sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Well, we haven’t even started yet!

This city is beautiful, interesting, and huge, being the ninth largest city in the European Union. The temperatures are on the warmer end of what we’re used to in the UK, with summer highs averaging around thirty degrees, although it can often be warmer than that, with the record temperatures pushing forty degrees! With plenty of sights to see, ranging from the largest medicinal bath in Europe to the famous neo-Gothic parliament building, which is the biggest building in the entire country.

But it’s not just about sights and sounds, a Budapest Stag Do needs to have all of the elements of a perfect lads weekend away, and you’ll be pleased to hear that it will tick all the boxes for you.

Getting There

Budapest can be reached easily from most UK airports, with cheap flights available very regularly. They tend to fly at all times of day and night, so you can travel whenever suits your party to make sure that your Budapest Stag Do is as long and packed as possible. Once you arrive at your destination, the city centre is only about a thirty-five minute drive from the airport, and there are plenty of options for how to get there. We can obviously arrange transfers in your package, or if you’d prefer to keep the budget down, then the bus is a popular alternative as they run regularly throughout the day.

Where to Stay

Once you arrive, you'll be treated like royalty, and anything you can imagine can be arranged for you in Budapest. You want a posh hotel? Not a problem at all. You'd prefer apartments so that you all have some living space to share? Easy! Not fussed about the type of accommodation as long as you have a bed? We've got that option for you as well! In other words, anything is possible when you are arranging a Budapest Stag Do. With accommodation located nice and centrally, you’ll find that you are moments from the action while still staying in a safe and comfortable accommodation.

Popular Activities

When it comes to the booking of activities, this is a city, that certainly won't disappoint you. Our most popular option is the firearms shooting, which allows you access to weapons you'd never be allowed to fire here in the UK, with options including a Glock, a Smith & Wesson and an H&K assault rifle. Obviously the exact specifics of what you get to shoot varies depending on the package that you request, but with a wide range available, everyone will get to try something they will enjoy. The competitive nature of the activity will bring out the marksman in each and every member of the party, and we guarantee you'll have an incredible time at the firing range. It is what many consider the absolute perfect activity for a Budapest Stag Do.

Firearms shooting isn’t the only option for something to do on your Budapest Stag Do that will give you an incredible adrenaline rush. One other option is to to try tank driving. Yes - you read that correctly - you have the option to drive a real tank! If that’s not something that you’ll be telling everyone about over a pint when you get back home, I’ll eat my hat. However, if this all sounds a bit too high octane and you fancy something that just involves sitting and drinking, you’ve got the famous beer bike, a staple of many Budapest Stag Dos, where you will pedal around the city while enjoying some of Budapest's finest brews.

What to eat

When visiting any country, one of the important things to know is what’s good to eat in the local area. As well as having traditional restaurants that will serve all kinds of cuisine, Budapest has you covered with a wide range of great local delicacies. Our particular favourites are the kürtőskalács, which translates roughly to “Chimney Cake”. These are sugary dough cones which are dusted with toppings and are absolutely delicious! You’ll find stalls selling these on the streets anywhere you go on your Budapest Stag Do, so it’s definitely worth trying one or two.


After all those activities you'll need to relax with a night out, and this is where Budapest truly comes into its own. Obviously, there are an enormous selection of restaurants, bars, clubs and gentlemen's clubs, and we can provide some fantastic guided bar tours to ensure that you visit the best of the best. I highly recommend checking out the ruin bars, which offer a chance to enjoy some great beers in a truly fun and unique atmosphere – if you don’t know the story behind Budapest’s famous ruin bars, they grew out of people holding temporary pop up bars in abandoned buildings, and are now considered one of the great cultural elements of a Budapest Stag Do. But why stop there? If you are feeling adventurous on your night out, you could visit one of the region's famed thermal spa parties. This is literally a disco in a natural thermal spa, which we can guarantee you won't find anywhere else! What more could you want for a night you will never forget?

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