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About Puerto Banus

Why should I choose a Puerto Banus Stag Do?

For some stag dos, the ultimate aim is to have the most luxurious experience that you can possibly imagine - and if that’s what you are after, then Puerto Banus is most definitely the location that fits the bill. Referred to by some as the “playground of the rich”, Puerto Banus is on the popular Costa Del Sol, just south of Marbella. This entertainment complex is infamous as being one of the most luxurious places in Spain, after all, where else could you see the King of Saudi Arabia’s yacht moored up?

A Puerto Banus Stag Do is therefore one of the most extravagant stag dos you could possibly consider. The gorgeous Spanish weather, the beautiful oceans and the atmosphere of pure luxury have helped this destination to climb up the ladder of popular stag do destinations over the last few years, and I’d expect it to continue doing it over the next few years as well!

How to get there?

Getting to Puerto Banus from the UK is pretty easy. The closest airport is Malaga, which is served by a large number of UK airports. This is great for a number of reasons – first it means that no matter where you and the lads are travelling from, you won’t have to go far to get a flight. The other good news is that since there is lots of competition to get to the same airport, the prices are always being driven down and you can get some real bargains when it comes to booking the flights to your Puerto Banus Stag Do.

Where to Stay?

Accommodation options for your Puerto Banus Stag Do are plentiful. As you’d imagine from a destination that is considered luxurious, there are some high quality hotel options if your budget stretches to it. Most of the stag dos that visit tend to go for the more traditional apartment accommodation options – these have their own advantages, giving you the chance to have a bit of living space and feeling a bit more like a home base for the time that you are on your Puerto Banus Stag Do.

Popular activities

As a marina and entertainment centre, you would imagine that a lot of the activities available in Puerto Banus were water themed, and you’d be correct to do so. There are a variety options for how best to spend your time on the water – the most popular of these being the Catamaran Cruise. This is popular for the obvious reasons – if you are going to spend time in Spain and engulfed in the searing heat of the sun, why not do so on a boat, with a drink in your hand and surrounded by people having a good time?

If you are looking to push the boat out a little further (excuse the pun) then you can spend a little extra and book yourselves a private yacht charter. This exclusive event would see you taken out to sea and having full control over the boat – all you need to do is tell the captain where you’d like to go or what you’d like to see, and they’ll take you there straightaway.

There are other more adrenaline-fuelled water-based activities as well if they would suit you better – the jet skis are incredibly popular, as is flyboarding. “What is Flyboarding?” I hear you ask – well, it is basically like wearing a water-powered hoverboard on your feet and flying above the ocean powered only by the jets of water shooting from your feet – it's exciting, breathtaking and just a little bit terrifying - the perfect balance. Alternatively, many traditional activities are also available on your Puerto Banus Stag Do, so if you fancy some Quad Biking, Paintball or Go-Karting, just say the word and we’ll incorporate it into your weekend.


Once you’ve recovered from your day of activities, then it’s time to head out for the evening. No matter what your taste in nightlife is, Puerto Banus can provide something that will tick all of the relevant boxes for you and all the lads. You may be happy to guide yourselves around the bars, exploring every one you can see and drinking the night away, but if you feel like having some special treatment for just a bit longer, why not book a guided bar crawl?

Your guide will treat you like royalty as they take you and the lads around the most popular bars in the area. The guide will know exactly where is best for your Puerto Banus Stag Do to visit, and you’ll find yourselves enjoying every aspect of the bar crawl. After you’ve seen enough bars that you fancy something different, why not move on? For some groups, the next ideal destination will be a casino where you can gamble with the big boys and see how much money you can make, and for others it’ll be a trip to a gentlemen’s club to watch beautiful women dance while you enjoy a drink or two.

A visit to a nightclub is almost always the end point of a Puerto Banus Stag Do night out, and yours will be no exception. You’ll find yourself in one of the worlds most popular nightclubs, dancing, drinking and maybe even flirting a little with some gorgeous women. There’s no better way for a night out to end.

If a Puerto Banus Stag Do sounds like the sort of thing you’d be interested in, why not give us a call? It’ll only take a few minutes, and we’ll tailor make you a quote for your perfect weekend away.

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