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About Southampton

Why choose a Southampton Stag Do?

Southampton is one of the largest cities on the south coast, and yet it is commonly overlooked as a stag do destination. While it may not have the reputation of somewhere like Brighton or Bournemouth, it is every bit as good a destination for stag parties to let loose and give the stag the best night of his life so far as all of these and has an amazing atmosphere for you to enjoy at the same time.

A Southampton Stag Do is a guaranteed good time. After all, with plenty of activities at your fingertips, a great selection of nightlife in front of you and one of the most inviting atmospheres of any destination welcoming you in, why wouldn’t you visit Southampton for the Stag Do of your life?

Where to Stay?

There are boat loads of accommodation available in this beautiful city, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes time to choose where your Southampton Stag Do are going to stay for the weekend. If budget is a concern, then there are some absolutely brilliantly located hotels and guest houses that will keep your package price down while still being a perfect home for you and the lads.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something with a bit more style and panache, then Southampton’s got you covered there as well, with some amazing high quality hotels being available throughout the city centre that will more than satisfy your requirements for luxury and excitement throughout your Southampton Stag Do.

Popular activities

Obviously, with Southampton being a famous port, there are lots of boat and water-based activities available for you on your Southampton Stag Do. One of the most popular options is to go out and try some Sea Fishing – after all, who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon with your mates on a boat relaxing, drinking and trying to catch some fish while chatting amongst yourselves? Alternatively, if you want something that’s water-based but gives you a bit more of an adrenaline rush, then it sounds like the powerboats activity is one for you.

Not everything is water-based, of course. In particular, as Southampton is located close to the famous New Forest, outdoor activities are commonplace and often booked for a Southampton Stag Do. One that is always a good laugh (and is not usually something you’d do on an average weekend) is a session of Zorbing. You’ll climb into a giant inflatable ball and then see how well you can survive hurtling down a nearby hill – don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe, although you may look a bit of an idiot bouncing around inside the ball!

There are plenty of other popular activities for your Southampton Stag Do as well. Clay Pigeon shooting gives you the chance to get competitive with each other and see who can handle a firearm the best, while a session of Extreme Trampolining is as much fun as it sounds, bouncing around a purpose built room and seeing who can do the highest jump.

If none of that sounds appealing, and you want to pick something else to do on your Southampton Stag Do, then go right ahead. As you can see from the list below, we have a huge selection of options, and these can all be picked and tailored to suit the timetable of any Southampton Stag Do.


Southampton’s generosity doesn’t go away at night either. There are so many options for you to choose from in order to tailor a perfect Southampton Stag Do night out that you’ll need to give it some serious thought in order to arrange it. On the first night out, a lot of Stag Dos like an activity that gives everyone the chance to chat and bond over a few drinks, and on your Southampton Stag Do, what would suit that requirement better than a few games of American Pool? You can enjoy some drinks, some snacks and a few games of this classic sport before you head out on the rest of your big night out.

Then, once you are all acquainted and want to head off to see what Southampton is able to offer, you’ll find that your Southampton Stag Do really steps up a notch. The selection of bars and pubs that you can choose to visit is huge, and is well located all along one major street, ensuring that you can visit as many of them as you can manage, drinking everything that they have to offer.

After your evening exploring the best drinking establishments that any Southampton Stag Do can explore, you’ll want somewhere else to go to end the night out. Luckily, Southampton is not in any way short of options here. There are nightclubs galore in this city, playing a wide range of music and all offering such great atmospheres that no matter which one you find yourselves in, you’ll be tearing up the dancefloor until either the club shuts or the sun comes up, whichever comes later!

If a nightclub isn’t where you want to end up, then there are plenty of other options in Southampton for you. Live music venues, gentlemen’s clubs, casinos and more are all dotted throughout this city, and all of them are keen to be a part of your Southampton Stag Do.

With all of those perfect options, it’s clear that a Southampton Stag Do is one of the best ideas you’ve ever had. Why not get in touch today and let us create you a perfect personalised quote for your Southampton Stag Do – before you know it, you’ll be on your way.

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